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Why Copenhagen, Denmark's capital, attracts tourists? The city where history comes alive.

copenhagen mermaid
Tourists like to visit Copenhagen. It is the largest and while the style of life the most colorful, «South» and cheerful little prudish among Scandinavian capitals - Oslo and Stockholm. Capital of Denmark has a long history, of course, that there lot of interesting tourist sites and attractions. In the city all you can find places where it seems time has stopped.

Like many European cities, Copenhagen began with a fortress built near the small fishing village in the XII century. Location of the city was extremely successful, and he quickly became one of the centers of commerce and navigation. Even his name, he is obliged to merchants, Copenhagen in translation «merchant harbor». Primary city has brought well-being of the usual herring, which once in the local Straits were a great many. It is on the fish trade and the town flourished. And then in the XV century, King Erik VII moved into his capital, which is markedly accelerated the development in Copenhagen, quickly turning it into one of the largest European cities.

Incidentally, the place from which once began Copenhagen, tourists can see. Now here is Christiansborg Palace. Nearby Town Hall is decorated with a gilded figure of the founder of the town of Bishop Absalon, a former adviser in the XII century King Valdemar I. Apparently, the adviser was sensible, once so aptly chose the site for the fortress, soon became the capital of the kingdom.

Copenhagen - the city rather big, it (including suburbs), home to almost 2 million people. But the tourists, of course, more interested in its historic center, where he concentrated all the main attractions. That came on and walk.

His unique style Copenhagen owes much to King Christian IV, known builder. Thanks to him in the city there are many channels which have made Copenhagen even more attractive for merchants, were laid out new streets, built beautiful buildings, palaces and cathedrals. Do not be surprised if in different parts of the city you will come across sites that King weathercocks or facade decorations with his monogram - the Danes all his honor.

At one time the city had a strong fortifications, which have enabled him to endure several long siege. But to this day virtually unchanged preserved only the citadel and some forts. In place of the other fortifications are now divided into squares and boulevards. But castles, palaces and ancient churches can be found in many places of the city.

Rosenborg Castle
Rosenborg Castle
Of interest of tourists is Rosenborg Castle, located in the historic center of Copenhagen. Built in the early XVII century, Christian IV, it has undergone only minor changes in the subsequent rulers of Denmark. The castle is surrounded by an old park with a monument to Andersen and the remnants of the moat, which now stately swans. Rosenborg opened to the public, it remained the royal interiors, here presented an interesting collection of ornaments, jewelry and regalia of the Danish royal family, a rich collection of weapons and works of art. It is interesting that for visitors the castle was opened back in 1838, becoming one of the oldest museums in Denmark.

Rosenborg Castle is better to visit in the morning, while tourists have the opportunity to witness the beautiful ceremony. Every day at 11.30 from the lock out system of royal guards, who the music of a brass band go through the streets of Copenhagen to the modern residence of Danish monarchs Amalienborg Palace complex. The procession took exactly half an hour, and on every street sounds separate march. At noon in the Amalienborg Palace in the ancient ritual of holding a solemn changing of the guard.

Monument of King Frederik V
Monument of King Frederik V

Having admired the changing of the guard, you can view and himself a palace complex. It was built in the middle of the XVIII century in the elegant rococo style. Octagonal square is framed by four almost identical palace. In the center equestrian statue of King Frederik V, depicted in the image of the Roman commander. The palace of Christian IX is currently in residence of the Queen of Denmark. In the presence of the queen in the palace shows a flag over the palace.

In the two palaces and Christian VII Christian VIII, are museums where you can find not only the collection of antiquities and works of art, but also the private rooms of the Royal Family, saved unchanged from 1947. It should look outside the Amalienborg complex riding school and several houses, located behind the palace, as well as Frederic Church (Marble Church), surrounded by expressive statues of famous Danish church leaders.

Divorce guard
Divorce guard
Nearby is another temple, which is certainly of interest to our fellow citizens - is acting Russian church of Alexander Nevsky. It was built for employees of Russia's embassy, but substantial funds were allocated for the construction of Russian Empress Maria Feodorovna, the former Danish Princess Dagmar. After the Russian revolution, she was able to return to Denmark, where she died in 1928. Near the church is a monument to her.

Already in our century, Maria Feodorovna was reburied in the Peter and Paul Cathedral in St. Petersburg near the grave of her husband Tsar Alexander III. In the northern suburb of Copenhagen on the beach preserved mansion, where Maria Feodorovna was living with his sister, the Queen Alexandra. Tourists do not often travel by up to him, but in vain. From «Mansion queens» offers a magnificent view of the sea and the monument of Knud Rasmussen, Danish explorer in the Arctic and Greenland.

Of interest will cause tourists and Christiansborg Palace, built on the site of the ancient fortress, gave rise to Copenhagen. By the way, fortress ruins are preserved, they can see down into the cellars of the palace. The palace complex, is surrounded by channels through which, nowadays there are 8 bridges.
Monument to Empress Maria Feodorovna
Monument to Empress Maria Feodorovna
Christiansborg - Palace of action, it is the Parliament of Denmark, the Supreme Court and the Office of the Prime Minister. Here is a working residence of the Queen of Denmark, halls for audiences, receptions and the throne, the Queen's personal library. In the palace there are two interesting museums - Museum of Theater and the Royal Museum «Arsenal», which gathered a large collection of ancient weapons, clothing, furniture and carriages. By the way, is located near the parade ground for the dressage and the current royal stables.

Interestingly, located in Christiansborg supreme bodies of state power does not make a nuisance to tourists. Was a witness, when the parliament was leaving a government delegation of the European countries. The street is not blocked, the entrance to the parliament drove limousines and motorcycle escorts, and tourists just politely asked to briefly switch to the opposite sidewalk.

Leaving the Christiansborg, the tourists will certainly notice the original old building since Christian IV, above which rises the spire of interwoven twisted tails of dragons, crowned with three crowns symbolizing the union of the former three countries - Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Once in the building market has been, and now is CCI.
The building of the Chamber of Commerce
The building of the Chamber of Commerce
After touring the ancient palaces and temples is to plunge into the life of modern Copenhagen, passing on its main pedestrian street, starting from the Town Hall Square. Before you go shopping in, inspect the area itself, it is worth it. You will see the legendary Danish rock meridian mark «0 miles», original fountain «The Bull and the Dragon», a column with the two Vikings Blowing a long curved pipe «Lur», a monument to Hans Christian Andersen. Incidentally, in the Town Hall often hosts various exhibitions, and from the tower, crowning a building, a beautiful view over the city.

The pedestrian zone of Copenhagen, Stroget (in translation «walk»), includes several consecutive streets of the old town. In her many cozy cafes and restaurants, souvenir shops and large modern shops here serve the same street musicians, clowns and jugglers. Be possible and eat, and buy souvenirs, and fun. If you turn off the Stroget, you can be in a small cobblestone lanes, in which the color is preserved a bygone era.


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Rafting: what are the acquisition and loss? Karelia, the Alps, China

Three times in my life enough to enjoy, as well as cheer and count the losses. Losses standard: cameras (or soaked and drowned in a Bose prematurely deceased), packages with things, sometimes - torn clothes. And also quite possible manifestations of colds, fatigue, and sometimes you can head is included (well, if her special helmet).

Acquisitions: a test of strength; communion with nature, we call it active, a lot of «abnormal» situations, from cheerful to the more risky; manifestation of efforts, and sometimes excessive efforts; gang labor actions - and this is a skill useful to the life in general.

Karelia - a sort of beauty, almost untouched. From Moscow, a bus goes directly to the base on the river Uksa (Uksunyoki). After a sleepless night, which certainly is not easy to deal with the raft. but you have to move - forward and on the water.
Karelian thresholds
Karelian thresholds

As a rule, always say the same thing: the maximum complexity from 1 to 4. It does not specify that Uksa - extremely capricious river and possible neryadovye events. There had been any frequently - and the first day, when fatigue «Post passed the» very young guys, and «to accept the post» Two women forty years old and a man who, incidentally, has already rowed lying ...

But the mosquito was not so terrible, perhaps assisted by special means. Yes, and rested a couple of times, the most experienced and hard working during the holidays take lightly on his chest ...

The most mysterious thing: Riffle. Water seems to be little, but for the strong. The stones protrude quite ominous: if fly with the swimming facilities can Namyan side (in the worst case - an unprotected head). So with Riffle to keep a sharp lookout. They both still water, and fast, and direct flows, and skew, and even reversed. Also, often, water wells, called «barrels».

River Uksa
River Uksa

On the second day, at the door, and learned to swim in canoes. The threshold for some reason wore a very inappropriate name «Pink Elephant» (native name - Sarnitsankoski). Water, indeed, pinkish - either from the granite reflections, either from fear and admiration in the eyes ...

And on the third day, which is supposed to be a joyous «return» to a place where waiting for a bus, suffered a first minor and nasty, with a purely continuous rain, and then the edge of a stone punctured raft.

All bathed in more than cool water, things are blown. Something to catch something vanished forever, and maybe someone who is far away and fished. But as a result of brainstorming was made an interesting decision to make the raft in a catamaran, which was done. We stretched canvas itself was attached to the rail. It turned into stylish pants shorts, or vice versa.

The second experience occurred in Slovenia. The foothills of the Alps, on the complexity - not a very difficult route, but incredibly beautiful scenery and just a wonderful vacation. A clean and fast river Krka. Remarkable river Soča (SOCA), which is called «the pearl beauty» because of the color of the water. Incidentally, in this river had a severe battle during the First World War. Died there 300 000 people, and in place of the bloodiest battles of the memorial now stands, and in the history books, this episode is called «12 battles in the Isonzo».

The only negative - from the coast some distance to go to the bases from which the alloy, so that you can get tired more from the road than from the white water rafting. Here, without loss could not have done: flatly refused the camera is not the most accurate way wrapped in cellophane ...

But rafting in China (Hainan Island) was the most inoffensive and short - one day. Although we have to use climbing equipment, were elements of rock climbing, which the organizers of the route is very skillfully weaved into the fabric of the alloy. All of this is the category of 1.2. But she had to climb mountains, and even jump into the waterfall ...
rafting china

On the other hand - very beautiful nature, the lack of midges, beautiful rivers and waterfalls, an abundance of exotic birds and insects (the latter - to the amateur, of course).

Advantages rafting for those who do it sometimes deals - are obvious. Not to mention the beauty of nature, adrenaline (for those who need to recharge), the ability to respond quickly, there are many other advantages.

rafting people

Joint work, and sometimes co-creation. Compulsory mutual friend and proceeds. It would be nice is always used in our everyday lives. But even in this form of active leisure people are, perhaps, that they themselves lack.


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Why not see the results of training, or «What am I doing wrong?»

girl in gym
We go to sports clubs, are engaged in the simulators, in groups of aerobics in the pool, but why it is sometimes hard to achieve this goal and see the results of training? There are several common mistakes. You can try to avoid them.

1. Gym without pre-established plan of training.
Before going to study, sketch out in advance a plan of exercises. Take a look at this as a building: houses are not built without design. Only in this case it will be the construction of your beautiful body.

2. You do not have a contingency plan training.
It may be that the simulator in which you want to go in, occupied by someone else. Do not stand on the spot! Do not wait! Here we will help our contingency plan: replace the one exercise otherwise. For example, if the machine for pectoral muscles is not free, do push-ups. Someone is already doing leg press in the simulator? Lunged. Your goal - to include in the plan varied, but substitutable for one muscle group exercises.

3. Insufficient training intensity.
Unfortunately, often an amateur game of ping-pong is more intense than the workout gym visitor. The intensity of the workout - one of the most important factors in achieving athletic goals. If you train in the range of 12-15 repetitions, then you should try to do 14-15 repetitions. If you can do 20 reps exercises, it is necessary to increase the weight of equipment.

4. Too long vacation.
If your goal is to remove excess fat and become leaner, reduce to a minimum rest between sets, changing exercises. 30-60 seconds, no more.

5. Coaching is not a full amplitude.
If you do only a quarter squat down or bench not to omit the end or lift weights, you're just wasting time in vain. Exercises should be done properly and to bring each repetition until the end. This will not only give the results in training, but also help avoid injury.

6. Too many cardio training.
Aerobic exercise - a necessary addition to strength training and proper nutrition. But they should not occupy the bulk of time spent in the gym.
Be smart. Do not run with all the forces on the treadmill. Yes, your heart rate increase, but at the same time your legs are tired and you're exhausted.

7. You do not seek the advice of professionals.
Why do professional athletes have coaches? Because they know that to achieve the best results they can only help and under the supervision of an experienced mentor. A professional trainer can help you plan lessons, shows how to work with the equipment in the gym, will explain the technique of the exercises, will give advice on training intensity, how to combine power and cardio training, pay attention to mistakes in their implementation. Proper technique - still one of the most important conditions for achieving the desired result.

Only seven common mistakes, but how often they occur!
If you learn to notice these mistakes, to learn how to train for a predetermined plan, to concentrate entirely on the intensity of training and technique exercises, then exactly be able to avoid frustration and achieve its goal: to become leaner, stronger and healthier.

Translation E. Mortell

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Where to go for vacation?

Ends August - the last month of summer. Happy rested people are returning to the city, and those who have not had time to rest, hurried to pack his suitcase, hoping to catch the blazing southern sun. Familiar coming from the resorts share with you the impressions, and everyone tells you where is best to go. How not to get confused in a variety of resorts and choose the most suitable for you?

There are many variants, and above all in choosing a suitable place to rest - not in a hurry. Every country, every tourist city has a characteristic features, so hang out for the next two weeks to choose carefully, guided by his taste and desire, and of course, the family budget.

Many of the Russians, going on holiday abroad, prefer resorts of Europe: proximity, high quality service, fine hotels, clean air - that attract vacationers. With children better to go to the Azure coast of France: they have served with comfort, and children will not be bored: here they will find a lot of lessons for themselves. Besides relaxing on the beach time you can hold and benefit from studying the local sights with a professional guide. However, the rest in France can get very overhead, especially if you are going with the whole family, so the less costly option for your family budget - to go to Bulgaria. They have lots of inexpensive resorts, and you must choose himself something to taste and possibilities.

In recent years particularly relevant intervention becomes Croatia, vacation here will cost much less and the quality of services will remain at a good level. Luxury hotels, scorching sun of southern Europe - all this awaits you here.

If you want to dive into the nightlife of the tourist cities, it is better to go to Spain - you capture the wave of discos, nightclubs, because after the summer heat of the night chill stirs the mind, forcing completely forget about their problems seem very far away. In Spain, combines the unique nature and very beautiful place where you can go on tour for the day, admiring the scenery and plunged into the ancient world.

If you want a secluded holiday with his second half, you'd better go to the Chinese island of Hainan, where in the past year, more and more tourists flock. Here you can really relax and body and soul, and even improve their health. Chinese cuisine - is a special phenomenon, so you are fed in the best traditions of ancient China, observing the ceremony. Amateur - anglers are here for a fee offer polovit rare fish, teach control yacht. On the island of Hainan come true all your dreams of paradise vacation! At this resort all year round summer reigns, but sometimes there are natural disasters. And yet, if the forecasters are not predicting anything like that on your trip, relax on the island of Hainan you very much.

Place for a great variety of beach holidays, and here are a few of them. Also popular with tourists from around the world enjoy the resorts in Italy, Portugal, Greece, and of course, you can relax on the favorite, many Russians resorts of Turkey and Egypt, an increasingly significant challenge Russia, and Ukrainian.

Choosing among tourists have always been, and several wonderful days held at the resort will leave you in memory only the best memories.


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How to ride a bicycle?

babe and bycicle

Morning, traffic jams, crowded public transport ... In the winter we do anything with it can not, but it only comes as a welcome warm, and dry up the road, we will have an enjoyable and useful alternative - our two-wheeled one bicycle, which can not only ride on paths paths and public park, but also quite effectively navigate through the city, going, for example, to work or shop.

The purchase of a bicycle requires a separate article, and perhaps a small book, so we assume that the bike we already have. It is very good, if it is fitted with gear that can move with much greater speed and more efficient use of our efforts with your feet. It is also desirable to equip a bicycle bell, it is very ease interaction with pedestrians.

Any travel by bike to start with a tour of his appearance. All loose connections need to tighten, hand brakes - adjust so that they do not block the wheels of rest in a position to leverage, and securely fixed in the pressed. Disappoint, if you want, tires, but not showing in this case fanaticism - Tires should be slightly flatten under the action of the rider, while riding will be softer. Seat adjust so that the leg is pressed on the pedal at the lowest point in a fully extended condition, then it will be less tired. Situation steering should also be convenient.

Everything is ready, leave! But all is not so simple - we have no Amsterdam or Copenhagen. That is what they are there for cyclists, there are separate tracks and special lights. And Russia cyclist can move either on the sidewalk or along the right edge of the carriageway, while respecting, as practice shows, very great caution. Riding on the sidewalk - means constantly jumping on the curb and win space for pedestrian traffic. So going with the spirit - and the roadway. Yes, it certainly put in front of this helmet!

This may seem surprising conclusion, but the cyclist is easier and safer to move in large multiband avenues than through the narrow streets. At the high road, drivers are rarely without the need to occupy the right lane and even cars parked on it leaves enough room.

As a rule, drivers routinely perceive moving cyclists as normal participants in the movement, if too slow speed of the bike does not create problems. Therefore, if you have the advantage, for example, you are moving on the main road, then the Drive safely, you will miss. Of course, I do not mean the notorious avtomarginalov, which may not yield - here you can be vigilant. However, drivers reacted very painful, slow when compared with their bike starts disturb them. Therefore, if a situation develops, it is best gathered at the sidewalk and go into the class of pedestrians. For example, if turning right marked individual bands did not seek to go straight - to prevent, or better, turn right and go to the road at a pedestrian crossing. But give cars when they have an advantage - in your best interests. And observe, of course, to traffic lights.

Turn left for cyclists in most cases is prohibited, and drivers know about it! So do not try. At the crossroads turn left should be in two phases, first passing the intersection right, then left waiting at the corner of a green signal light. You can also use the crosswalk. If you are going to bypass the standing transportation, show that extended his left hand, skipping, of course, before this all riding on the left. Roundabouts are also best avoided, bully for them, only if the motion is not active, and you do not create interference, otherwise go for the transition.

Quite unpleasant thing for a cyclist - trolleys and buses. These iron monsters and strive to drive up the curb. Besides the speed of the bike is approximately equal to the average velocity of a trolley bus, so often the movement of public transport like leapfrog: bicycle overtaking trolley bus stops, and between them again turns back. In such cases, better slow down and give trolley bus to break away.

The main thing when driving on the road - be careful, closely monitor the cars and pedestrians, anticipate their possible actions. Then you quickly and without much trouble reach places.

Not to come - should have put the iron horse at the right stall. Here again the problem, special parking for bikes we have. Therefore, if you come for a long time, Keep a bicycle in the room or even in the patio (if it is, of course, possible). If you are going to leave the two-wheeled friend for 20-30 minutes, you can fasten it to the frame to the lamppost or a metal fence of steel cable release lock. Locks can be either normal, which closes the key, or code. If a long wire, it is desirable to cover them and the wheels, even the front, because it's easier to remove. But consider Ropes snack special tools, which carry with them hunters strangers bicycles, so you should choose a crowded place. It should also be removed from the steering wheel all the expensive accessories - a flashlight, speedometer, otherwise you will do it for someone else.

Get to work by bicycle, you will feel a pleasant tension in the muscles and will be on our toes all day, which would undoubtedly have a positive impact on your mood. But it is much higher than you will appreciate the advantages of possessing your bike at the end of the day when all your colleagues will stand in a traffic jam or climb in stuffy buses and subway, and you are on your right Bolivar going to ride in the woods or the park. And get much more fun, believe me.

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How to write your travel notes?

travel notes
Summer - vacation time. No, not so. Summer - time travel. Now you can finally see what is there beyond the horizon. Minimum of clothing, a maximum impressions. I so want that is not ended.

End summer. Will remain memories that will warm long winter nights, will give a topic for conversation with friends. And that's what I thought. Photos consider - is one thing. Human memory is not perfect. Very quickly forgotten the mood, the people, good and bad, which was met on the road. Looking for something to do with it. Do not spill the memories of a unique summer, keep it for yourself, for children and families. The only way - write your travel notes.

How? One thing to say «write». Another thing to make myself sit down and write. When going to write, so many thoughts. Sit down - the universal emptiness envelops the mind, the subconscious, and other parts of the brain. We will act on the plan.

The first plan: the technical side.
1. Every day write down everything that happened at the same time. For example, in 21.00. Failed, then in the morning at 9.00. It becomes a habit and it will be easier to seat themselves at the table.
2. Prepare supplies and workplace, to find all of this did not interrupt the creative process.
3. Well, when you have a laptop. If you do not need a notebook. Yes thicker. Place where to write, too, should be organized. You can make points of the plan.
4. Do not forget your camera!

Second plan: direct management of travel writing. Here we act on that plan. We start with notation of date, time, place. Then proceed to the description of the place in which are, hitchhiking, and events.

Describe the place, probably the easiest. What I see, then writing. Do not forget at the same time the most important thing: to assess what we see, to describe their mood at the time admiring the surrounding countryside and statements, if any.

With people more difficult. In humans, because there are not only external but also internal. From the outside everything is clear: the name, indicative of the eye, age, marital status (if possible), doing what, appearance, demeanor, gestures, smile, especially. Interior can express your conversations with him. One can not with accuracy up to every word spoken play, but just a few words, reflecting the views of the interlocutor, to convey the essence of the conversation. Again, do not forget the main thing: To evaluate the person, you can listen to what others say about him, but to sink to the discussion of the eye will not.

Describing the events of our trip, we use the artistic works, or rather their story structure. After all, as writers write? According to the plan. And in this regard merely 4 points.
1. Exposition. We answer the question: How did you start an event?
2. Development of action. Just describe what actions took place, who and what he did, he said, thinking.
3. Culmination. This is the most stressful time of action, when all on the brink of life and death, the pros and cons, good and evil.
4. Denouement. What ended the event? What lesson you learned from him? How it changed lives, yours and others?

While traveling, we can become not only the heroes of a accident, but its observers witnessed. This is also a good idea to write. After all, the wise learns from others' mistakes.

Do not forget that people love to read, first, the memoirs of famous people (and now prime), and secondly, the notes of travelers. Who knows, maybe not just for yourself you write notes on his trip? Wake up your talents!


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How to start to engage in snowboarding?

The first snow fall for many - a signal that it is time to prepare for the new ski season. And not only to ski. Skiing, of course, has always been our most popular winter sport. Until recently - until a snowboard. Now he is not inferior to the popularity of downhill skiing, the number of snowboarders is increasing almost exponentially. But before we get on board, hurt to know about some things.

In order to practice any type of activity requires the correct internal mood. For sports - especially. It is always - the victory is not always over his rivals, but always - on himself. Do not forget that snowboarding - still an extreme sport, engaging them pose a risk to health and life. But if you are ready for testing and firm in his intention to become a snowboarder, then forward ... in a sporting goods store.

Of course, you can learn to ride on the rolling board, being dressed in old jeans. But the decision was finally and irrevocably, the mood - the combat. A true fighter should be fully outfit.

Board, bindings, boots
Many people are talking about female and male version of snowboarding: the more plaque narrows toward the center (the more it «waist»), the more it is suitable for women. In fact, the greater the bend, the easier it is to make turns. The length snowboard should reach the chin. If the board used, pay attention to the fact whether it is lubricated and not whether the blunted edges (side edges). Before installing the bindings decide with the lead leg - right or left leg you will be ahead. Boots is better to take with a felt inner toe - so warm. Before skating it is important to properly lace up - so that they can be as tight to the leg, but not crushed her to the pain.

Clothing, Accessories
It seems that this outfit is over, but the better you skate, the more things you might need. There are entire collections of ski and snowboard suits, so that lets you feel the the main thing that was comfortable and practical. Snowboarders are usually large jacket with a hood and large the same pair of pants with straps - a sort of overalls that covers the waist. Outerwear should be of high quality, guaranteed waterproof fabric, especially pants, for sitting on the snow will have many. Without what the mount will not do, it is without glasses - do not sweat and freezing on the go - if you do not dazzle the snow and the sun, preventing the tears rolling barrage, even at the minimum speed. It is also convenient to have a key chain to skip on the lift, but it is sold on the spot.

Snowboard - one of the most traumatic types of sport, therefore please take care of protection. If a skier, mostly falling on one side, a snowboarder - back and forth, so the burden falls on the hands (it is better to buy gloves with fixation of the wrist and thumb) on the back (there is a special «shell», protects the entire spinal column), and naturally , the fifth point (to protect the buttocks and coccyx, there are special shorts). But the main thing - to take care of my head: buy a helmet instead of the cap - and warmer and safer.

On the slope
In order to learn how to ride a board, and quite small hillock in the city park, but better, of course, begin on a specially prepared and designed for this slope. If you decide to use the services of an instructor, then effectively deal with them individually rather than in the group. It makes no sense to describe the technique of skiing - until they themselves do not try, do not understand. The most important thing - the ability to fall (and fall have a lot) and patience (to learn how to snowboard is really easy).

If you ride on a small hill, then you can walk up stairs - good to soft snowboard boots make it easy and pleasant (which is virtually impossible in the «Spanish boots» skiers). But if you're at a major ski resort, you can not do without lifts. And they are different:

* Lift (stall, funicular) - this all clear and the problem does not arise;
* Escalator (rubber track) - the most convenient form of «recovery» on the mountain: you stand on a moving track, and going upstairs, I do not know, though, is whether they are on our ski resorts;
* Chair lift - good for beginners, the main thing - to have time to sit down at the beginning and jump to the end of the road;
* T-bar lift (hoop) - simply put, stick with a hook, an anchor plate or the bottom. Before you climb, it would be good to learn to move on the board in a straight line (not difficult for those who are riding on a skateboard): wear a lead foot, the other bouncing. With the rise in the bow shall be fastened only to the leading leg for it, and it clings to the hook, anchor or plate bracket. For beginners are unlikely to succeed at the first attempt to reach the top without falling, but they always help people working on the mountain.

Rules of conduct on the slope of uncomplicated and not novel: mutual respect, mutual support, care, during the descent he is responsible, who are behind, so it is better not to turn his head, and look ahead. If you are not sure of yourself, do not climb the steep hill, and hone your skills on a more gentle slope. However, go to novices, too, the crowd is not necessary - that they are going, does not mean that they are the brakes, so it's best to wait until they come down.

And do not get discouraged if something does not work the first time: You have taken a firm decision to learn snowboarding, and bought everything needed, climbed the hill, stood on a board. You are already halfway to victory, so surely will not pass the remaining half?

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